St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts- writing lessons for all grade levels

St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts

*Write 3 wishes you would like to come true.

* A leprechaun granted me a wish……

* I have a friend who is a leprechaun. Let me tell you all about him…..

* Acrostic poem- using the word clover, shamrock, leprechaun, or Irish

* If I found a pot of gold…..

* This is what happened the day I found a four-leaf clover…..

* One morning, I woke up and found that everything had turned green!

* If I were a leprechaun…..

*At the end of the rainbow, there wasn’t a pot of gold.  Instead there was……

*This is the story of a magical rainbow…..

*Write a story from a leprechaun’s point of view ( a trick that he played on someone or getting caught and trying to escape)

*Write about someone special in your life and why you are lucky to have him/her in your life.

* How would you catch a leprechaun that you found?

* Write a list of all the green things you can think of.

*Design a leprechaun’s home (on paper, with toothpicks, with various building materials). Then write a descriptive paragraph about his home.

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