Pi Day Activities- Pi Day math activities for intermediate to high school grades

Pi Day activities

* Have students make posters with facts about Pi on them.

* Bring in pie.  Calculate the area of the pie, and its approximate volume.  Then determine calories per square inch of pie. Calculate calories per piece and calculate calories per bite.

* Have each student measure the circumference and diameter of a circular object to the nearest tenth of a cm the day before pi day.  Then have them record the classes data on a chart.  Have them calculate C/d.  Find the class average. Is it close to pi?  Then they Create a scatter plot to see the correlation between diameter and circumference. On Pi Day, eat pie and discussed the findings.

*Read “Sir Cumference and the First Round Table”  and  “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi” by Cindy Neuschwander.


* Have students write poems, songs, or raps with facts about pi.

* Make no-bake pies, measure them, take the circumference and area. Then eat!

* Make a paper chain with a different color (for example all 3′s will be red, all 1′s will be blue, etc.) representing each digit of pi.  Measure the length of the chain when finished!

* Make Pi bracelets. Have each bead color represent a number.  Use about the first 20-25 numbers of pi for a proper fitting bracelet.

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