Snowman Glyph- pictorial form of data collection- math and art lesson, winter bulletin board, math bulletin board

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Glyphs are a pictorial form of data collection.
Use traditional projects and turn them into mathematical glyphs that allow students to organize and analyze data.

Here is the key to our snowman glyphs:

Favorite Season-  background paper
-Spring- light blue
-Summer- dark blue
- Fall- red
-Winter- purple

Number of Siblings- number of buttons
-one button per sibling

Do you have dogs and/or cats?- color of hat
- Dog(s) only-black hat
- Cat(s) only- red hat
- Both dogs and cats- green hat
- No dogs or hats- orange hat

Eye Color- position of arms
-Blue eyes-both arms up
- brown eyes- both arms straight out
-green eyes- both arms down
- hazel/other color eyes- one arm up, one down

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