New Years Writing Prompts for all ages

new yearMost of these can be adapted to any age group of writers by simplifying or elaborating on these ideas.

* List 5 resolutions that deal with school, health, family and friends, and achieving personal goals.

* Why do people celebrate New Years?

* How is New Years celebrated in different parts of the world? (compare and contrast)

* List 5 things you want to accomplish in this new year.

* Imagine a New Years 20 years from now (or 50 years). How old will you be? How do you think you will be celebrating in that year?  How will the world be the same /different?

* What is your best idea of a New Years party?  Who would  be there? What food would you serve?  What games and music would be played? Where would it take place?

*  Write a story using the following words- celebration, music, New Years, fireworks, countdown, resolution

* Write an Acrostic Poem using “New Year”.

* Did you stay up until midnight on New Years Eve?  If so, what did you do to celebrate the New Year?  If not, do you wish you did?  Why or why not?

* Name a resolution that you have made in the past but didn’t keep.  Why do you think you were unable to keep it?  What could you do differently so that you could be successful in keeping it this time?

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