Veterans Day Classroom Activities

veterans-day-flag1. Create a bar graph reflecting family members of students who are serving in the armed services.

2. Write a Thank You letter to a veteran.  Send this to someone in the community or to a Veteran’s Home.

3. Write an acrostic poem using the word “Veteran”.

4. Write a classroom/school newspaper article honoring veterans from your community.

5. Invite a veteran to come and speak to your school.

6. Interview a veteran about his/her experiences.  Do a biographical or classroom newspaper write-up based on the interview.

7.  Make patriotic posters.

8. Make Veterans Day a “red, white and blue” day.  Students will wear these colors proudly to to show patriotism.

9. Take a “Veterans Day Quiz” to test your knowledge.  Go to

10.  Learn facts- Go to

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